How did the Nursing Home Ministry get started?

There was a small group of ladies at a daytime bible study that met once a week, one of the ladies that was in attendance there mentioned to another lady in conversation that it had been laid upon her heart to go visit & minister to the people that were in a healthcare facility of this nature. Just so happened there was another lady that attended the same bible study and overheard this other conversation and was just as excited as the other woman because it was laid upon her heart as well. The very next day the woman that overheard the conversation called the other lady that was talking about starting this ministry and also told her about wanting to get something started in this area of the same ministry. That is when they both knew this was of God and exactly what they were to do.

So the two ladies went to Pastor Mack Mills and he was just as thrilled. The she said Pastor Mack got up in front of the church and announced that Mrs Ruth Buckner & Wanda Bahr was going to start the Nursing Home Ministry and that they were going to need some help. To this day God continues to bless them with their calling.

This has been approximately 5 years ago and this ministry is continually growing.

If you would like to get involved in what God is doing in this growing ministry please contact the Church Office at 479-636-5390.

Thank you to everyone that is involved for being obedient to what God has called you to do!

Bradford House Nursing Home

Mary Waltz, Shirley Ragland, Lori McBryde, George McBryde, Mrs. Colleen, Ruth Buckner, Wanda Bahr, Pat Bahr, James Ragland, Henry Springer, Steve Cline & Edsel Whitaker.

New Hope Assisted Living

Ruth Buckner, Wanda Bahr, Pat Bahr, Linda Knowles, Shirley Ragland, James Ragland, Dorothy Springer, Randal Springer, Henry Springer & James Herron

Our Calendar

Every Sunday at 3:00 pm
Location: Bradford House, 1292 SE 30th Street, Bentonville, AR

Every Thursday at 10:00 am
Location:  Rogers Nursing Home on New Hope Road, Rogers, AR

Would you like to join us?  Get with Wanda Bahr and/or Ruth Buckner for more information.


Rogers Nursing Home