Classes and Ministries of Monte Ne Baptist Church



Birth through Pre-K Director

Mrs Veronica Engen – We have an awesome group of volunteers to attend to our small children. On Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening and Wednesday nights. Mrs. Veronica leads this team of dedicated workers.

Funtastic time in the nursery!



Birth through Pre-K
Margaret Evans





Ladonna DegenerKindergarten through 2nd grade
Seekers Class

Ladonna Degener teaches from the Bible, she involves her class with many Activities and Craft projects.  She is very involved with the Children and their Families.  We are blessed to have her.

Discoverers Class

Hi, I’m Helen Whitaker, Sunday School teacher of  the third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades.

Want to know the TRUTH? Come join us as we search the Word of God.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life: no man comes to the Father but by ME.” John 14:6


College and Career Class

Our group is based on young adults starting their life. We talk through Bible chapters and topical issues. When adults have questions on various points in their life, we talk to them and research Bible versus to support the discussions.

Beginning life struggles
Open Minded
Topical Discussions
Security – what is covered in class, remains confidential

Please come and join our group!!

J Franks & Jeanette

Young Married Adults Class
Mr. J Frank & Mrs. Jeanette Harrison

Ministering to young married adults as they face the everyday challenges of this world.  We strive to build a firm foundation according to the Word of God in the areas of careers, finances and parenting.




Cherry MillsKingdom Seekers
Mrs. Cherry Mills

Kingdom Seekers is a class made up of all ages, single and married.  If you are eager to get into God’s Word, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, come join us.

Click here to download audio recordings of Mrs. Cherry’s class.


Dorothy & Randal Springer

The Victory – Senior Adults
Randall and Dorothy Springer

We have the Victory in the Victory Class.  When we graduate from the Victory Class we graduate to the ultimate reward in heaven. Then we surely have the True Victory.


Monte Ne Baptist Church
Worship Team

Harold Welch – Worship Leader
Gail Sifford – Flute / Choir Director

Georgie Tyson – Pianist
Dorothy Springer – Organ
Stephanie – Violin
Kaitlyn – Violin
Ben – Guitar
Scott – Saxaphone